As businesses start to reopen, we are taking part in a campaign called #CoverHarvery, where local leaders share reasons why they wear a mask in public in order to encourage others to do the same. We believe that YOU can help us make a difference in our community by influencing those around you to take action against COVID-19 by wearing a face mask in public. We know that masks feel awkward, and in some ways it may feel like we are letting fear of the virus win over our lives when we wear them. Yet on the contrary, wearing face masks can give us a better chance as a community to keep COVID-19 at bay so we can reopen while protecting our most vulnerable. If you have not yet gotten the chance to participate, we would love to see you post a photo of yourself with a face mask on Facebook and/or Instagram, along with a description about why you choose to wear it. Feel free to tag the Chamber page or NewtonNow, or tag some neighboring businesses and challenge them to do the same! You can also help by sharing information about locations that sell/give face masks to the community as well, so our citizens know where to find one!

This may seem like a small act, but it can make a big difference. Together, we can help normalize the use of face masks in our community and help stamp out the fear of social judgement as a result of wearing one.

Some may wonder, “Where can I get a face mask?” Below is a list of locations offering face masks!