“The Future of Harvesting is Now”

Combines have traditionally had the same architecture for over 60 years, with high center of gravity, small rear wheels, and limited grain storage on top of the machine. The result of this design, is frequent unloading to chasing carts, and subsequent grain yield loss due to compaction of the soil.

After 14 months of operation in a design office on Main Street, Tribine Harvester moved into their new production facility, in the Newton Industrial Park, during the first quarter of 2016.  Six months after the move, the first all new combine rolled off the assembly floor, and the TRIBINE was born. In the views of the Tribine team that made it all possible; “The Future of Harvesting is Now”.

The new TRIBINE performs all the functions of a traditional combine; only better and faster.  It features twin Cummins 9.0-liter engines producing 650 HP, without DEF.  In addition to the 1,000-bushel grain tank, which can be unloaded in two minutes, the TRIBINE also incorporates the world’s largest threshing and cleaning system. Coupled with 500-gallon fuel capacity the TRIBINE is capable of 24 hours of continuous operation.  The TRIBINE’s AWD system through a center articulation joint, coupled with independent rear axle steering, gives the TRIBINE the tightest turning radius of any machine in its class.  Additionally, the TRIBINE’s four aligned low sidewall technology tires provides increased stability, and the lowest compaction of any harvesting system.  This unique system ensures that the TRIBINE only leaves two tracks per pass, unlike other machines that use up to six tires of varying widths and spacing, creating multiple paths and more compaction of the soil.