Outdoor Vision, LLC, a local Harvey County business, put up it’s first digital billboard on 1-135 near the Outlet Mall in early 2015. Businesses and individuals can post a message for a week, a month, or a year and change it as often as they like (no extra charge for design). Since the 8 second ads rotate, every person passing by (around 27,000 cars per day) may not see Your ad each time, but for locals who pass by on a regular basis, they Will see the sign every time and your ad on a regular basis. It is nearly impossible to ignore because it does change and is new and interesting. In early 2017 Outdoor Vision, LLC put up a second sign on the North East side of Newton which has both 1-135 AND Highway 50 traffic. You can choose which face you wish to be on, or rotate around on all of them.

Prices start at $189/week, but with discounts for frequency and length of use, you can get your cost down under 2 cents per add. People driving have time to process your message with few distractions and will give your name top of mind status- and they can’t avoid it or block it out. Cost per impression often run 30% of radio, 15% of TV, and 11% of newspapers. Call 316-530-SIGN to learn more. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Outdoor vision is a locally owned and operated, Harvey county company, so not only do your advertising dollars stay in Harvey County, local people understand the business and retail climate here and help you design your boards for maximum effectiveness. Being a small, private firm has its advantages for our customers because no on is too bug or small to receive our full attention, whether that be through helping come up with sales campaigns or with our free ad creation done in house and virtually on command. If you have an idea that needs to get out the same day, Tori Harder, our Graphic Designer will do her best to make sure that happens.

Let us put your business up in Lights and help you raise your business to the next level.