Newton First Naz exists to serve families by loving God and loving others.

Newton First Naz is making a difference in families. We understand we live in a culture where it’s accepted that people say one thing and yet do another. We seek to break this cycle and make a lasting impact on our community. We do so by providing opportunities for families to thrive. By strengthening the nucleus of the family, and teaching them how to properly interact within and without, our city, schools, businesses, and organizations will be healthier.

Newton First Naz is making a difference in our community. We partner with other churches and government organizations to meet the needs of our city. We do so by volunteering, providing financial and relational support, and coming alongside the marginalized to strengthen their identity as vital members of our community.

Newton First Naz is making a differnce in lives. As a church, we follow the example of Jesus Christ: to love others unconditionally. Sometimes we succeed; other times we make mistakes. We understand that there are no perfect churches. Yet, we strive to be one. We do this by offering a message of hope to those who are struggling, confused, grieving, and unsure. Jesus’ modeling of love and forgiveness guides our lives and interactions with others.

Founded in 1910, our church has been serving Newton and the surrounding communities for over 100 years. We are fortunate to belong to a larger group of churches called the Church of the Nazarene. Since its inception, our church family was formed to serve the outcast, the broken, and the hurting. We firmly believe God’s message of hope is for all people at all times in every place.