Bill Charlsen started our agency more than fifteen years ago after he worked for the Kansas Farm Bureau for fourteen years. Bill started Charlsen Insurance Agency, Inc. in order to broaden his access to insurance companies and to therefore help clients get fair prices and be more transparent.

We love helping people, and also we love building and nurturing relationships with people. With everyone whom we serve, we try to build and to nurture the most meaningful relationship that’s possible. As a result, we help put the people whom we serve at ease and ensure that they are adequately covered.

Insurance can be confusing and very frustrating. We also like to make sure that we take as much confusion and frustration out of the processes of finding, acquiring, and using insurance as we can. It’s easy to be a cliché and say you want to help everyone and be there for them. But at the end of the day insurance can be scary and definitely difficult to trust. Charlsen Insurance is there for the customer first and if we can at least shed some light on the way insurance is great for people and how it helps, then I consider that a success, whether we get their business or not.

Charlsen Insurance Agency, Inc.


1021 Washington Rd. #200

Newton, KS 67114