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You’re probably already familiar with our company we’ve been a trusted name in Harvey County for 88 years. Our owner, BJ Stahly has many years of auto repair experience. Together with our other certified techs, John Voth, Jim Mcguire and Spencer Berning, we’re striving to continue the tradition of fast, honest and accurate auto repair you can always trust to keep your family safe and comfortable on the road.


To maximize tire life and keep your vehicle traveling straight down the road, regular alignment service is needed. We are Harvey County’s alignment specialists.


Tires are on of the most important safety factors on your vehicle. We now carry Michelin, Goodyear, & Uniroyal tires. These tires have the best performace/price ratio we’ve seen over the years. All our tires are mounted and computer balanced with new valve stems and are force matched to the wheels for optimum roundness & smoothness.

Wheel Balance

We use the most sophisticated computerized balancing equipment in the country today, and can balance with precision any size tire on any type of vehicle, from golf cart to Semi truck. When you experience vibration problems, your tires may need to be balanced. We’ll be glad to take a look. We also perform routine tire rotation and can straighten bent rims.


Shock absorbers, struts, control arms, sway bars, and springs are among the suspension parts that return the undercarriage to its natural position quickly and smoothly. Ball joints, tie rod ends, and other bushings need to also be regularly inspected to insure your safety & comfort. Unfamiliar creaks, pops, or other noises are warning signs that need to be checked immediately. Our expert techs thoroughly inspect all your suspension components to insure proper working condition.


Keeping your braking system in good repair is extremely important for your safety. Our experienced professionals have the training to provide high quality brake service, and the knowledge to solve any of the brake problems you might experince.

Driveline & Axles

We offer driveline repair including  differential maintenance and rebuilding, axle bearing replacement, drive shaft and ujoint replacement, and cv axle repair and replacement.

Air Conditioning

To keep you cool through the summer, we now offer environmentally safe Air Conditioning service, including system performance check, leak detection and repair & R134A recovery  & recycling.

Headlight Aiming

Incorrectly aimed headlights decrease their effectiveness, jeopardize safe travel, and affect on-coming traffic. Our new state-of-the-art equipment will insure the accurate & safe alignment of your headlights. We will be glad to get you pointed in the right direction!

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