Superb healthcare services and numerous amenities the Newton area provides make us an attractive retirement community for senior citizens. From owning their own home or apartment in a retirement center, to full-service nursing facilities, all levels of care and services are available to residents through four retirement communities in Newton. Additionally, there are a variety of home and community-based services in Newton that support people who wish to remain in their own home. The community Senior Center, Bethel College, Newton Recreation Center and other facilities offer numerous activities to satisfy the recreational and cultural interests of older adults.

Asbury Park

Tom Williams

200 SW 14th

Newton, KS 67114

phone: 316-283-4770

fax: 316-283-4799


Homestead Assisted Living

Bette Creach

715 W 6th

Halstead, KS 67056

phone: 316-830-2424

fax: 316-830-3030


Newton Presbyterian Manor

Marc Kessinger

1200 E. 7th

Newton, KS 67114

phone: 316-283-5400

fax: 316-284-5900

Kansas Christian Home

1035 SE 3rd

Newton, KS 67114

phone: 316-283-6600

fax: 316-283-6375


Kidron Bethel Village

James Krehbiel

3001 Ivy Drive

North Newton, KS 67117

phone: 316-284-2900

fax: 316-284-0173



ComfortCare Homes

Sharon Erwin

1504 Terrace Drive

Newton, KS 67114

phone: (316) 804-7220

fax: (316) 804-7230