Newton area has access to full medical, dental and rehabilitative services and enjoys the third highest physician/resident ration in the state! Newton Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility at the south edge of town, offering a wide range of short-term and acute care as well as highly specialized procedures including MRI’s and CT Scans. Having a first rate medical facility in your backyard provides security and peace-of-mind to residents of a small town. Three additional medical clinics are located within the community to include Axtell Clinic, Newton Professional Group Center and Wichita Clinic-Bethel. There is a cancer treatment facility on the hospital campus as well as a kidney dialysis center and renal treatment specialists close by.

Prairie View, with corporate headquarters located in Newton, offers a complete range of psychiatric and drug and alcohol abuse services for children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Mirror, Inc., a private not-for-profit corporation, provides alcohol and drug abuse services at the Intermediate, Reintegration, Relapse, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Counseling and Continuing Care Counseling levels. ResCare of Kansas Inc. has a fifty year history of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and provides a wide array of quality services.


Superb healthcare services and numerous amenities the Newton area provides make us an attractive retirement community for senior citizens. From owning their own home or apartment in a retirement center, to full-service nursing facilities, all levels of care and services are available to residents through four retirement communities in Newton. Additionally, there are a variety of home and community-based services in Newton that support people who wish to remain in their own home. The community Senior Center, Bethel College, Newton Recreation Center and other facilities offer numerous activities to satisfy the recreational and cultural interests of older adults.

Retirement Communities

Asbury Park

Tom Williams
200 SW 14th
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-4770
fax: 316-283-4799

Homestead Assisted Living

Bette Creach
715 W 6th
Halstead, KS 67056
phone: 316-830-2424
fax: 316-830-3030

Newton Presbyterian Manor

Marc Kessinger
1200 E. 7th
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-5400
fax: 316-284-5900

Kansas Christian Home

Jim Nachtigal
1035 SE 3rd
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-6600
fax: 316-283-6375

Kidron Bethel Village

James Krehbiel
3001 Ivy Drive
North Newton, KS 67117
phone: 316-284-2900
fax: 316-284-0173


Newton’s award winning educational institutions offer a wide array of programs in a hometown environment that is not found in large metropolitan areas. Unified School District #373 is an award winning school system which serves more than 3500 students in the Newton area. This includes Newton, North Newton, Walton and surrounding rural areas. Annually, Newton High School graduates classes averaging about 350. Newton community’s strong support for public schools provides the best possible future for the youth of the area. Children with disabilities from birth through age 21 are offered a wide range of programs from total regular education integration to placement in separate facilities. The Parents as Teachers education program is designed for families with children ages birth to three years; and is focused on supporting parents as their child’s first teacher.

The district encourages participation in statewide journalism, speech, debate, music, drama, fine arts and athletic programs and also offers a comprehensive vocational-technical education program. Newton elementary school classrooms currently are limited to 25 students to ensure quality individualized instruction. Two private/parochial schools in Newton also offer excellent educational opportunities as an alternative to public education.

In addition to the primary and secondary education programs, the Newton area offers a private four-year college in North Newton. Known for its tradition of academic excellence, Bethel College rings first among colleges in Kansas for the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a doctorate degree. Bethel is also the only college in Kansas named to the John Templeton Foundation’s Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges. The Hutchinson Community College also maintains an outreach campus in Newton.

Newton Public Library has served the community for more than 110 years. Books, toys, videos, newspapers, works of art, magazines, audio books, large-print books and cassette tapes are available for checkout. Services include preschool story times, summer reading activities and programs for young people, reference and information, interlibrary loan, Talking Books, Dial-A-Story, Internet and book delivery to area nursing homes and homebound senior citizens.

Banks & Credit Unions

Citizen's State Bank

Amy Budde
2315 S. Kansas Ave
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-7478

Central National Bank

Nina Carr
626 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-284-3159
fax: 316-830-3030

Bank of the West

Samantha Lawrence
100 W. 12th
Newton, KS 67714
phone: 316-283-7310
fax: 316-283-7201

Community National Bank & Trust

Vincent Minter
127 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-0059
fax: 316-283-0071

First Bank

Ray Penner
128 E. Broadway
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-2600
fax: 316-283-8031

White Eagle Credit Union

Debbie Morse
300 W. Broadway
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-8517
fax: 316-283-5127

Midland National Bank

Ron Lang
527 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-1700
fax: 316-283-3813

Primary Residential Mortgage

Jan Stark
104 W. 6th
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-804-4881
fax: 866-252-4962

Heartland Credit Union

Janell Mendenhall
2201 S. Kansas
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-8896
fax: 620-669-8123

Insurance Services

American Family Insurance - Edd Wallace

Edd Wallace
1311 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-6605
fax: 316-283-2462

American Family Insurance - Ken Hall

Ken Hall
2309 S. Kansas Ave.
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-284-0884
fax: 316284-0294

Boston Insurance

Mark Boston
614 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-0021
fax: 316-283-0022

Charlsen Insurance Agency, INC

Patrick Charlsen
1021 Washington Rd, Suite 200
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-804-4945
fax: 316-804-4947

Combined Insurance Co.

Don Williams
121 W. Thornton
Moundridge, KS 67107
phone: 620-345-9859
fax: 620-345-2564

Conrade Insurance Group

Darrell Conrade
129 E. Broadway, Suite 200
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-0096
fax: 316-283-2444

Fuqua Ruth Typer Insurance

Kim Manring
101 E. Broadway, PO Box 726
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-0800

Heinze Insurance

Dan Heinze, Jr.
509 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-5870
fax: 316-283-5871

Hosford Agency, INC

John Hosford
227 W. Broadway
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-4241
fax: 316-283-0794

Krueger Insurance Management, INC

Brady Krueger
130 E. 4th
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-9100
fax: 316-283-9124

Miller Insurance Agency, INC

Jeanette Friesen
714 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-7281
fax: 316-283-6900

State Farm Insurance - Todd Barnes

Todd Barnes
1025 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-6726
fax: 316-284-2966

Farm Bureau Financial Services - Matthew Steventon

Matthew Steventon
1103 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-4400
fax: 316-283-4409

Farm Bureau Financial Services - Jason High

516 N. Main, PO Box 704
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-2090
fax: 316-283-1092

Willis of Greater Kansas, INC

Trent Nichols
245 N. Waco, Suite 300
Wichita, KS 67202
phone: 316-494-6177

Real Estate

J.P. Weigand

Arlan Newell
400 S. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-1330

Midwest Land Specialties

Steve McCullough
107 E. 6th
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-3300
fax: 316-283-3093

Re/max Associates - Alex Carbajal

Alex Carbajal
500 Main, Suite 150
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-1000
fax: 316-283-6082

Newton Area Board of Realtors

Margie McGlachlin
PO Box 431
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-772-3856

Pat Washburn Real Estate Team-Prudential

Pat Washburn
616 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-288-8997

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Mona Stein
616 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-282-2600
fax: 316-282-2601

Realty Connections

Brad Elliott
2601 N. Anderson
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-6607
fax: 316-283-8880

Re/max Associates - Becky Wheeler

Becky Wheeler
500 Main, Suite 150
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-284-1875

Re/max Associates - Ron Harder

Ron Harder
500 Main, Suite 150
Newton, KS 67114
phone: 316-283-1000
fax: 316-283-6082