Please read the information below before you fill out the Health Questionnaire:

  • This is a no-obligation questionnaire. If you take the questionnaire, you are not obliged to enroll in the program in late April.
  • If a business wants to offer this healthcare benefit to its employees, it is imperative that ALL employees complete the health questionnaire in full. Remember, no one is obligated to this questionnaire. However, if an individual does not complete a health questionnaire in full, even those who have coverage elsewhere, they will not have the option to participate in the coverage.
  • Please know that if your health questionnaire reflects a single coverage level, then you will not be able to enroll in a spouse, child, or family plan when enrollment opens. So, please complete the health questionnaire for your current situation.
  • We have the plans built (Chamber Health Plan Brochure), but to obtain rates, we first need to know who is interested in this plan and then submit that information to underwriting. There are many factors that contribute to the rating process, so, we just won’t know until the process is complete.

This is no cookie cutter, or one size fits all program, thus we are offering multiple health options and multiple prescription options. Each employee has the ability to select any of the available health plan options, and combine that with whichever prescription option best meets their needs.

The Health Questionnaire is now available! Please click the following link to access the Health Questionnaire:

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