Chamber Health Plan Brochure: The Health Insurance Plan brochure is now available! The brochure outlines information about the plan options chosen by the Insurance Board. Click the link to view the Chamber Health Plan Brochure.   Because it is necessary that we have a large amount of member participation in this process, the Chamber hosted a couple of Insurance Update Forums on Monday, February 24th, where Heartland Benefits Group President/CEO, Joshua Sapp, helped inform members by giving a presentation and answering their questions. Below is some supplemental information that came from the Insurance updates.  
        1. This plan is called a Chamber Association Health Plan (AHP). This type of plan works by allowing small businesses, including self-employed entities as well as sole proprietors, to band together by geography, industry, or Chamber (in this case) to obtain health insurance coverage as if they were a single large employer.
        2. There will be an employee population participation percentage requirement, so it is imperative that you have all of you employees complete a health questionnaire (read further for more details about the questionnaire).
        3. Provider Networks: For care in the state of Kansas, all claims will be processed through the ProviDrs Care Network ( – access code to search in network providers is PCN). Nationwide coverage will utilize the First Health Network (
        4. Individual Invoicing: Each participating employer will receive their own invoice for the premiums of their participating employees. Premiums will be paid to the plan administrator to pay claims and administer funds accordingly.
        5.  ACA Compliance: because this program is 100% ACA compliant insurance, each employer will be required to pay at least 50% of the most economical single option for each participating employee.
        6. Health Questionnaires – MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – You will not be allowed to participate in this Insurance program unless you and your full-time employees complete a health questionnaire from March 2nd – March 30th. For underwriting purposes, we have to have health history information for each individual participating to determine the rates for this insurance plan.
        7. You are NOT contractually obligated to this plan until you sign the dotted line at enrollment. Therefore, what will it hurt to see what this plan can do for your bottom line by completing this questionnaire?
  Timeline for the Chamber Health Insurance Program:
        • 3/2 – 3/31: Health Questionnaire period.
        • 3/31 – 4/20: Underwriting period.
        • 4/20 – 5/11: Enrollment period.
        • 5/15 – 5/29: Enrollment review.
        • 6/1 – 6/5: Confirm enrollment.
        • 6/8 – 6/19: CPM prepare packages and send to participating members.
        • 7/1: PLAN START DATE.


Contact Joshua Sapp, President/CEO of Heartland Benefits Group

(316) 670 – 2856