Because the Chamber is constantly looking for ways to add value to your membership, we have partnered with a company that will be helping us establish a health plan for you, our members, to participate in. This health plan will be tailored to the unique health needs of our community. Therefore, we will be utilizing as many local resources as possible to facilitate this process which will make this plan one of a kind – not a cookie cutter plan.

We understand the frustration that all of you have when it comes to health insurance; the ever increasing costs, the minimal transparency, the frequent decrease in coverage, and the extreme conflict of interest when it comes to the user and the carrier. This program will utilize cost containment strategies to keep the premiums within our community, we will have 100% transparency, and increase in coverage over time, and your interest will remain the main priority.

The Chamber Health Insurance Program is set to begin coverage on July 1st, 2020. For more detailed information about the program, its timeline, and who to contact with questions regarding the program, please visit our Basic Info page.